Suffragan Bishop Joseph A. Woods

Suffragan Bishop Joseph A. Woods

Baptism September 1973
Holy Spirit January 1974
Bethlehem Temple
September 1980 move to SC

Bro. J. A. Woods was lead by God to return to South Carolina from Philadelphia, PA and he responded. He took his family and came to South Carolina without a job prospect in obedience to the call of God. Nevertheless, God provided for him as he was being developed for the ministry of God. In the process of time, the Lord raised up Elder Joseph A. Woods to be the Assistant Pastor of the Church and this proved to be a great help to Pastor Cunningham Jenkins. However, after she became ill and was unable to Pastor the Church, she named Elder Joseph A. Woods as the next Leader.

He is a young man full of the Holy Ghost, dedicated to the service of preaching, teaching and educating men and women in the word of God. Under his leadership the church is moving forward in the work of the Lord. The membership of the Church is working in unity to fulfill the vision that God has given to the Pastor for this time. The Church has become a part of the P.C.A.F. organization and is a member of the Atlantic States Council. In 2005, Pastor Woods implemented the Evangelical Training Association program through the P.C. A. F organization and (17) have completed the standard course and (2) have completed the advanced course.

The Lord continues to show forth His divine power to effect change in the lives of individuals. Through the collective work efforts of the Church and the outreach ministry, eleven (11) souls have joined this Church’ ministry in 2008. There were a total (6) souls baptized in Jesus name and (3 )have received the gift of Holy Ghost.

Pastor J. A. Woods and the congregation, humbly request your prayers that God will continue to pour out his blessings of increase upon this Church.